Best Tips to Get Export Orders from Overseas Buyers.

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For any export business, is one of the most important tasks is to get buyers. Different companies opt for different kind of business strategies to obtain export orders in order to survive. Following are some of the export tips that are suggested to you by the trusted trading house named Hpj Exim Pvt Ltd that might help you in getting export business orders:

1) Effective Communication

In order to get business orders, you must be efficient enough to be able to convince the buyer with the equality and price of your product. The buyer will undoubtedly ask you to send some samples then.

2) Government Embassies

Certain government embassies help the business persons to find an international market for them for the purpose of exports.

3) Using Internet for Marketing

Before 1990’s it was a herculean task to get buyers for your business. But now, with everyone being available on the internet, it has become easier. You can use internet to get clients by marketing your brand and its services online. 

4) Appoint an Agent

Appointing an agent in the target country is another option where you get a helping hand in solving the technical problems too in the target country. 

5) Use Contacts of Family and Friends

Personal connections of family or friends can work to get you business export orders. Good business relationships can be maintained between buyers and sellers for mutual benefit.

Hpj Exim is one of the largest and experienced trading houses located in India having 25 years experience for commodities trading export/import on global platform. Hpj Exim pvt ltd provides a platform to the people for locating markets for their products from India and overseas markets. Its vision is to become truly global organisation in the business of international trading of rice, sugar, agro food products bee honey, organic/inorganic, chemicals/ solvents, edible oil, ghee, salt, onion, wheat flour, pulses, wax CPW normal paraffin, PVC resin K value and SG5 and allied products by developing and continuously upgrading their quality, system and professional skills.


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