Things to Consider While Importing

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Imports are a matter of quality of life-sometimes even of survival-but have generally benefited less from government support, promotion and the availability of resources than exports.


Importers of materials, finished goods or products for resale either identify unfilled niches in the domestic market and seek to fill them from foreign sources, or identify promising foreign products for which they try to develop domestic demand. Following are a few things suggested by Hpj Exim Pvt Ltd to be considered while importing goods:

1) Take Time to Carefully Evaluate Your in-Market Supplier

A rigorous approach to product sourcing and supplier evaluation can reduce the risk of entering into arrangements with unreliable suppliers once a promising marketing strategy can be identified. 

2) Make Sure The Price is Right for Your Foreign Imports

You need to check a few things like what amount of goods is being purchased, are discounts available as volume increases, is the price inclusive of packaging, cargo insurance, and most importantly, at which point of time does the responsibilities of a seller ends and that of a buyer begins.   

3) You Need Look at The Legal Aspects

Many government forms are there to be filled out and a lot of regulations for the imports. You need to make sure about what you are bringing to this country keeping in mind about the safety and codes and other applicable laws.

Hpj Exim is one of the largest and experienced trading houses located in India having 25 years experience for commodities trading export/import on global platform. As it has experience of business relations for exporter/importer, it provides platform to the people for locating


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