Resources Scarcity and International Trading

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“Exporting is not as simple concept as it is describe. Undoubtedly, Import and Export businesses are the most leading and profit making business all over the country but in spite of the factor ‘profit’, the business have to deal with other factors such as ‘scarcity, because if one commodity is already limited in your own country how can you export it to other” Puneet Kandpal Hpj Exim (Director) and Chand Sharma, Hpj Exim (Director) of leading export import business in India. However, some significant factors related to resources scarcity are defined by Hpj Exim Pvt Ltd reviews in order to be taken under knowledge before entering into international market.

Export Protectionism:- 

In order to protect scarce mineral products, and other resources, numerous of countries introduced restriction over them. However, long export duties levied upon the primary goods exporters to promote the protection of scarce commodity or resources. This restriction might be due to the scarcity of resources, commodities, or food products in the country. In 2007, due to scarcity over 30 countries restrained the export of food products.

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Exhaustible Resources :- 

Export lead to the movement of resources or commodity of our country to different countries but what if the resources or commodities we are holding are only sufficient for the domestic country or might be scarce in domestic country as well? In this case, WTO restricts the export of scarce resources and commodities in order to prevent the domestic country for falling into circle of starving in aspect of any requirement. Therefore, the restriction over exports by WTO also causes the price to go high in the market reason being a huge loss to the country’s international trading market.

Governing Trade in Natural Resources:- 

In every country international trading companies maintain a information upon the stock and flow of goods from domestic country to other countries in order to improve the transparency in business and avoiding sudden moves in business and international trading policies. However, WTO provides more transparency on the restriction of export through to announcing rules regarding restrictions to exporters and traders. Usually, the very restricted resources in the countries are natural resources as they are already scarce in domestic country.

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These were the various things every international trader should know about the resources scarcity and international trading or exporting. “Undoubtedly, resources scarcity is one the major problem in India, at this condition, if we trade in those scarce resource what will left with us?” said Puneet Kandpal and Chand Sharma. For more information, you can visit Hpj Exim Pvt Ltd reviews.


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